Awaken the Healer Within
by Paul Aurand 

Listen. Listen to what your body is telling you. Each and every cell in your body is full of innate wisdom that is being communicated to you constantly. All you have to do is learn to listen. It is truly amazing what you can learn if you will just listen to what your body has to say!

Whether physical or emotional in nature, disease in general, and pain in particular can be ways for your body to send you messages. Listening to these messages and responding to them are essential steps in the healing process. If these messages are unheeded, true healing is not possible. No matter what medical treatment you might receive for a condition, it can worsen or recur somewhere, somehow, until you give it your full attention and 'get' what it has to tell you.

This listening and getting to know the uncomfortable place is just exactly the opposite of what most people want to do. The tendency is to hide, ignore, push away or numb uncomfortable feelings. Yet, the more one ignores or actively numbs a painful place or feeling, the 'louder' the body will get. It is only in bringing awareness to the affected area and listening to it, that true healing is possible. 

Before trying to do anything to the place in need, you must first fully explore it. Get to know it. Ask where it came from. Find out how long it has been there. Ask its purpose. It would not be there if it did not have a purpose. As long as it serves some purpose it will remain. If you need to have it for some reason you will not be able to transform it or release it. So ask It why it is there. 

It is often in exploring and listening to the uncomfortable place that it will begin to diminish or release. Its message conveyed, it can now let go. To begin this healing journey, allow your consciousness to become just the right size to travel through your body and go right to the source of the problem. I say the source here because the problem and the source of the problem may be quite different. You can trust the body to know. 

Someone I saw recently was experiencing acute neck pain and a severe headache. Naturally, I thought that the source of her pain was her old neck injury. But, much to my surprise, when I directed her to go the source of the problem, she found herself in her heart. Her heart was full of heartache over her father's recent death, her neck was screaming out for her to stop being so strong and to allow herself to grieve the loss.

It is important to note that in exploring the source of the problem what you 'see' does not have to be anatomically correct. Just imagine what it looks or feels like. Take some time to explore the area. Notice the color, texture, shape, even the smell and any sounds. 

You can communicate with your body for it is full of great wisdom and intelligence. Chances are, it has been trying to tell you something for a long time. So, ask your body what it wants to show you or tell you. Ask it why the discomfort is there, what it wants to convey. Ask the affected area what has caused this condition. Find out what you need to do to bring about healing. You can even ask how long it will take to heal.

Having done this, be sure to tell your body that you have heard what it has been telling you, that you have gotten the message. Tell your body that you will do what is necessary to take care of it and ask if it will quiet down now that you have heard it.

If further healing is necessary, take some time to imagine what this area would be like if it were perfectly healthy. Imagine healing the condition in whatever way it works for you. You might imagine gluing bones together, plucking out cancer, massaging your stuck colon, lubricating joints, sanding down arthritis, shrinking pain. Do whatever you need to do to heal this area. Changing strong color like red or black (most common for pain or disease) to a soft pastel like pink or gray has a weakening affect. You might soften a hard object or shrink a huge one. Be creative.

The body wisdom process follows these simple steps: locate the area in need of healing, explore it, discover its purpose or message and finally, release or transformation of the condition.

Remember you can communicate with your body at any time. All you have to do is stop and listen to what it is telling you.