About Dr. Theresa McReynolds


Dr. Theresa has spent the last 45 years of her life in the healing profession. She started out curious about diet and how food affects the body after her son was diagnosed with dyslexia, playing with vegetarianism, macrobiotics, and a Raw diet. The new age came around and she became a Crystal Healer, then a Reflexologist, and as she worked with people the more she noticed the part emotions played on the healing journey. She became interested in Chiropractic in her late 20’s after hearing a Chiropractor speak about how the body, free of interference could heal itself. She raised her children, eating whole foods and getting their weekly chiropractic adjustment. Her youngest children never went to a medical doctor, had vaccinations or antibiotics, never had a pill of any kind. Diet, herbs, chiropractic and feeling the emotions were her tools. In her 40’s she decided she wanted to learn more about the body and went to LIFE WEST CHIROPRACTIC SCHOOL in California were she graduated with honors. She has continued her studies with Post Graduate work in NETWORK SPINAL ANALYSIS or Network Chiropractic. Dr. Theresa’s motto is “you’ve got to feel it to heal it”. She lives and works in Galloway, NJ . She has 3 adult children and 9 grandchildren. Family is very important to her. Passions include educating and coaching her practice members on their journey towards themselves. Dr. Theresa has dedicated her practice to supporting personal healing in the environment of a vibrant healthy community. She feels blessed to be able to be present as each soul in her practice connects and releases, awakens and expands.


The Group Room
Research in the development of Network Spinal Analysis continues to support that being entrained in a group atmosphere enhances one’s ability to create changes in his/her nervous system and spine.

Just as striking, a tuning fork can “entrain” another to its vibration, as those around you are more able to experience their natural vibrations and rhythms, it will encourage your body to seek its own inner communication. As one person’s spine can more effectively rock gently through its natural motion, we discover that it becomes easier for others to do the same. Your laughter or other expressions of release of tension or emotion may inspire similar releases in others.

Our bodies are made up of vibrational particles dancing to universal rhythms, which may be perceived as pulsation and movement.

Through our own healing we become more compassionate towards ourselves. Through our compassion for ourselves, we can be more available to others. Through our heightened participation with ourselves, we more fully participate with others in the shared experience of healing. This accelerates the healing process for all.

You Can't Heal It Until You Can Feel It!
Your body cannot remedy something it is not aware of. You cannot begin to do things differently until you are aware of what it is that you are actually doing. During care, you will be learning to pay attention to yourself in a way that may exceed anything you ever experienced. You will be asked to place focused attention on your spine, its movements, your breath, and your sensations. By placing attention on yourself as you participate in your self-healing you allow yourself to help those parts that have become separate to come together again. In this process, the body will most often disburse the energy once confined to a specific area, as it reintegrates this separate part of you back into the whole.